Friday, October 12, 2012

Artemis Fowl: Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl is a very entertaining series for those who like a nice mixture of fantasy and science fiction, allthough it may not be for everyone (my wife).  Artemis Fowl is a young genius in a family that skirts the law in their business dealings. His father goes missing and Artemis takes over business operations and the family's financial decisions without his mother being aware. In the first book, Artemis suspects the existance of another of magic. Once Artemis discovers this world, he shows his ruthless roots and wreaks havoc among this fantastic mythical creatures who live there.  But as the series progresses, Artemis shows a fundamental change of character.  The boy genius starts to use his smarts for others and often finds himself involved in the saving of that same world he had previously sought to exploit.  This series is fun, thrilling and full of mystery.  Given that these books are a fast read, it makes it real easy just to give 'em a shot.

Would I Read It Again?:  Probably

Grade: A-
Content:  Mild violence, intense moments for younger readers.
Jeff's Recommended Age:  9+
Series Order:
     Artemis Fowl
     The Arctic Incident
     The Eternity Code
     The Opal Deception
     The Lost Colony
     The Time Paradox
     The Atlantis Complex
     The Last Guardian

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